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We create ethically sourced tea bags for hotels & restaurants

The custom tea solution for establishments focused on sustainability.

Woman holding a single Orange Pekoe tea bag, emphasizing its premium, ethically sourced qualities. She has purple nails and i
Direct from the farm

Ensuring a clean supply chain, fair wages, education and regenerative farming

Your Custom Design

Our biodegradable packaging is the perfect canvas to tell your brand's story.

Your brand elevated

Quality is all in the details.

Your establishment. Your experience. Your tea.
Why not?

Explore all the ways
you're making 
the world better
Tea Master Sommelier

Tea Master Sommelier

Our teas are tasted and evaluated by our founder and Master Tea Sommelier Daniel Lewis. We ensure the flavour your guests will experience is of the highest quality.

Elevate your brand

Elevate your brand

You could offer Lipton, OR, you could offer your own custom tea brand that helps your guests learn more about your sustainability efforts.

Our history in tea

Our history in tea

If there's one thing we know it's tea. Tea has an ability to connect people and build community in a way that few other things can. Your tea experience can be so much more than it is and we're here to help you do that.

Black Tea

Black Tea

We add an extra gram of tea than the average tea bag so guests experience a burst of rich flavour in every cup. Just one more benefit of working with a Tea Master for your tea solutions.

Sustainable Faming Practices

Sustainable Faming Practices

Our tea farm is focused on reforesting every available piece of land and encouraging smallholders to create woodlots and use energy-efficient stoves. They also plant fruit forests to provide employees with hands-on learning experiences.

Helping children and mothers

Helping children and mothers

Our tea farm provides simple creches for working mothers, and together with government supports a primary school of over 1,000 children. Through the funds generated from sales they're able to provide scholarships to about 120 kids to provide access to tertiary education for promising children who would otherwise not get the opportunity.

No micro plastics

No micro plastics

Our biodegradable tea bags are fully compostable and will leave no residue of harmful micro plastics in your guests' cups.

Tea from Heart of Beautiful Malawi

Tea from Heart of Beautiful Malawi

Our signature Orange Pekoe tea has its roots in the rich terroir of Malawi, a nation facing several economic challenges. Here's where our story becomes extraordinary. Our tea farm has become a beacon of inspiration, has embraced the responsibility of uplifting their employees and the communities around them.

Through your ethical
and sustainable purchasing decisions
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Very Minimalist, black continuous line artistic, naturistic, art design with no colour_edi
Recycling symbol indicating 100% recyclable packaging used by PEKOE for sustainable tea products.
Very Minimalist, black continuous line artistic, naturistic, art design with no colour_edi
Compostable symbol indicating 100% compostable packaging used by PEKOE for eco-friendly tea products.
Very Minimalist, black continuous line artistic, naturistic, art design with no colour_edi
Packed in Canada symbol showing that PEKOE tea is packaged in Canada, emphasizing quality and local production.
Very Minimalist, black continuous line artistic, naturistic, art design with no colour_edi
UTZ Certified symbol highlighting PEKOE's commitment to ethically sourced and sustainably grown tea.

A Royal Experience

Your guests are the heart of your business. A crafted tea experience will ensure that they feel like royalty, and we know a thing or two about that.

Additionally, all of our teas are tried and tested by our in-house ITEI Certified

Tea Master Sommelier.


As a tea supplier for venues like the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, our focus has always been to understand the needs of your guests to deliver the most quality tea experience for them.

-Daniel Lewis, Owner & Tea Master Sommelier

Hotel Restaurant
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